About me

My path

Milan, Italy

I was born and raised in Milan, Italy, where I started reading science fiction as a kid. The first book I remember reading was “From the Earth to the Moon” by Jules Verne, soon followed by the other classics by the French author. With time, my passion grew and I was soon devouring everything written by Asimov, Bradbury and alike.

Studying physics in university was a natural choice for me and, during my spare time, I kept reading “hard science fiction” more than any other genre.

New York, U.S.A.

Skip a few years, and I moved to NYC where I attended New York University and earned a Ph.D. in molecular genetics. Still, my passion for science fiction did not diminish. I wrote a few short stories for fun but didn’t even think of publishing them.

I met my lovely wife in NYC and, after a few years, we decided it was time to go back to Europe to raise our family.

London, U.K.

Here I am now in London, an academic at a known university and still very much fascinated and entertained by science fiction. I read a lot and write a little.

I hope you will join me on this journey.