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Pushing Planets (2021)

Something unusual is happening around Tau Sagittarii, but it’s not what you think it is.

23rd Century. Earth is overcrowded, Mars terraformation has failed and humans are looking for a way out.

Against all odds, Uma has identified a promising exoplanet in a nearby stellar system, but its orbit is surprisingly unstable. What has she discovered, in fact? Is it an opportunity or a threat to humanity?

When Abdo, a brilliant programmer from the African Federation, shows up at her office in Manhattan with an alternative analysis of her data, Uma is shocked. Is it possible that she got it all wrong, and that somebody is using her to push an obscure plan?

Things are not what they seem in this hard sci-fi thriller that will keep you wondering what is fact and what is fiction. You will experience a futuristic New York City, admire the sand dunes of Zagora with Abdo, travel to Mars with Uma, and wonder about the secret hidden in the lakes of Saturn’s moon Titan.

If you enjoy Asimov’s no-nonsense style and are looking for your next hard sci-fi adventure full of actual science and realistic fiction, you will love Pushing Planets.

Go ahead now, meet Uma and Abdo, and let your mind travel to Tau Sagittarii.

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Challenge for your book club

Pushing Planets contains many hidden references to real facts, real people, famous science fiction stories and characters. How many can you and your friends find?